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Q. Are your products Halal?
Answer: Yes all Regal Food Products are Halal.
Q. Are your products suitable for vegetarians?
Answer: All our suitable for vegetarian products are clearly marked.
Q. Are your products suitable for Vegans?
Answer: No, not all, however we do have an Egg Free range of products.
Q. How Can I Order goods?
Answer: Just call the contact number listed or leave us a message on the "contact us" page and a representative will be in touch with you to arrange delivery.
Q. How can I place a replenishment order?
Answer: Depends, if you are in an area where we have a dedicated distribution round set up then you will not have to do anything, A Regal Representative will visit you weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your location.
Q. What If i am in an area without a DDR (dedicated delivery round)?
Answer: That is not a problem, after your initial contact you will have a dedicated contact at Regal who will advise you of your delivery options.
Q. I have opened a new shop and am in a dedicated delivery round area
Answer: Again, all you have to do is call the number listed or leave us a message in the 'contact us' area of the site and a Regal representative will visit you at your shop to discuss your requirements.
Q. I am in a DDR (dedicated delivery round) area but have not been visited for a while
Answer: If you have not had a visit from your Regal Sales representative after the set period then you need to get in touch with someone at the control centre, just call 08450 369369 or leave a message on the sites "contact us" area.
Q. I am in a DDR area and should have recieved delivery yesterday?
Answer: Whilst we do our best to ensure deliveries are sent out on their set days and even though this is the case most of the time, there may be occasions when due to circumstances beyond our control we have to rearrange delivery for an alternative day. On these occasions we would like to individually inform our customers beforehand however this is not possible, you can however call the control centre and you will be advised of the new delivery day.
Q. I called the head office number to arrange delivery, but was given another contact number
Answer: That is probably because you are situated in an area where you are covered by our Southern distribution centre, which is dedicated to serving the southern areas of England and Wales.
Q. What is the minimum order amount?
Answer: No order is too small if you are in a DDR (Dedicated Delivery Round) area, you can purchase units rather than cases if need be.
Q. What is the minimum order amount if i am not in a DDR area??
Answer: This will vary according to the area you are situated in, so speak to your dedicated contact at Regal and he/she will advise you of your options.
Q. I only want to buy some cakes for my personal consumption.
Answer: In that case visit the Regal!